Theo Meier, Colors From The Tropics
The Three Guardians by Theo Meier
The Three Guardians
Theo Meier in Bali
Theo Meier in his studio in Bali with his second wife


Theo Meier, Artist of the Tropics

From Switzerland to the South Pacific, from Bali to Thailand, Theo Meier's life was as varied and exotic as his artistic output, his character as colourful as the oils with which he painted.


Theo Meier's paintings have achieved worldwide recognition for their technical excellence, and artistic integrity. The Gallery contains a selection of paintings from various periods in the artisit's life.

Art Prints

Limited edition art prints, signed by the artist's wife, of all the paintings in the gallery have been commissioned by Hand printed on Archival paper, they make a beautiful focal point in any home or office space.

August, 2003

Call For Entries:
New Theo Meier Retrospect Book

Hexart Publishing has announced its next production of an important and luxurious, comprehensive retrospect book about Theo Meier.

Theo Meier in Chiang Mai
Theo Meier at his home in Chiang Mai Thailand in the early eighties.